Top secrets of Hollywood celebs

Hollywood is one big bad world where the stars often have to keep certain secrets otherwise they will not be able to survive here. Here ‘s a look at some of the best kept secrets of Hollywood.


Angelina Jolie undergoing double mastectomy

Angelina Jolie had been detected with the BRCA gene. She had been undergoing treatment for several months when the doctors suggested that the safest way to combat this cancer to which she had earlier lost her mother was to clinically get rid of both her breasts. Though she underwent this procedure , at a much advanced stage of treatment she herself confessed it.


Britney Spears losing her virginity

The world heard and believed Britney that she was saving her virginity for the person she would marry. At that time everyone assumed this to be true. But only later it was revealed that she was already having sex with her that time boyfriend Justin Trousersnake.


Sandra Bullock adopting a baby

The media was totally unaware that Sandra was adopting a baby. The entire process had been completed and the baby had been adopted . The baby was born in the month of January and Sandra had been able to keep the prying eyes off her son. But later when there were certain disputes related to the adoption the beans were spilled.


Blake Lively marring Ryan Reynolds

This was really one of the best kept secrets of Hollywood. Considering the fan following both these stars .

Here are some other such secrets.

Rock Hudson stayed in the closet for 40 years
Arnold Schwarzenegger groped women
Riley Weston pretended to be a teenager to get a writing job on Felicity
Jack Nicholson’s “mother” was actually his grandmother and his “sister” was actually his mother
Some shots on Survivor are re-created with stand-ins
Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall didn’t like each other very much while working on Sex and the City

Sylvester Stallone verletzte sich beim Dreh am Genick

Sylvester Stallone did a porn film
Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss held a black book containing the names of her famous clients
Princess Diana lived a very troubled life that included depression, an eating disorder, a bad marriage and several suicide attempts
No one knows the origins of Michael Jackson’s son Prince Michael II (a.k.a. “Blanket”)
Natalie Wood drowned under mysterious circumstances
The actual tally of the Oscar vote is kept a secret
Britney Spears did it with Justin Timberlake

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