Top things girls actually want as gifts

Now now, the scoop into the real minds of girls is tough to dig out. However, the truth remains that girls do get turned on with perfumes and the usual pampery gifts, yet the truth is way different. Here is an exclusive take on things girls crave for as gifts yet fail to demand.

 Shopping in full swing

A day alone for shopping– Yes you read that right. You might have given her your credit card and also spent a day trying to woo her with the best of clothes. But the trick in actually flooring her is that you need to leave her alone for a day while she hopes to shop. Make sure you pay her bills and also allow her to have the entire day to herself!

A day at the parlor

A day at the parlor– Girls do love pampering themselves! Yes and they do hope that you decide to give her a day telling her to deck up and freshen as per your choice. This will not only rejuvenate your bond and this will also make her feel that you indeed care for her spa and tresses! Way to distress yourself too!

 Kitty date with her soul sister

Kitty date with her soul sister– If you have been dating for ages, she must have given up her social butterfly days to be your partner. Well, in that case, one gift every woman craves for is a date with the bestest gal friend. Book a table for the two for lunch and surprise your lady. See how she beams and floors you with her hugs and kisses!

The fact that she loves you might have been proven by her frequent expressions. However, if you missed out on doing so over the years gear up and prove it. Design a customized card all but yourself, and then see how happy she feels. Make sure you choose loads of pink colored paper and glitter. These are things your girl will definitely love.

Gifts could bring about huge changes to your relationship. A girl does love those diamonds but the best gifts need to come from the heart and not by the means of a hole into your wallet. Keep the beat and pace up in your relationship by pampering your girl with these gifts! Not only will she be floored but will also be yours for life!

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