Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas For This Wedding Season

As we approach the start of spring, another season is also beginning and that is wedding season! If 2017 happens to be your year for getting married, then there’s a good chance your plans are already in full swing. Part of those plans includes picking out a special gift for your groomsmen, something that conveys your thanks and appreciation that they have been so involved in your special day. We’ve put together a list of unique groomsmen gift ideas in a variety of budgets in order to help you find that “perfect” present.

Customized Coffee Mug

Why not give your groomsmen something they can use on a daily basis and bring back memories of your wedding each time they reach for the gift? Grey Fox coffee mugs provide you with a way to create customized coffee mugs for each of your groomsmen. You can add your very own “logo” to the cup with the date of your wedding, your names, and a little message if you want.

Now if your groomsmen happen to be foodies, like so many people are nowadays, you can take this gift one step further and include some high-quality coffee grinds they can enjoy at home.

Engraved Flasks

While engraved flasks aren’t a new idea, there are plenty of variations on the flask itself. There are the traditional silver flasks and there are some more off-the-beaten-track models you can look into. If the groomsmen are a happy go lucky kind of bunch, then you may want to pick one that has a bit more fun to it. You could find flasks in each guy’s favorite sports team, with movie logos, quotes, and many other options.

Of course, any foodie will tell you that you can’t give a flask empty, so be sure to include something really special in it.

Engraved Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is just one of those items that pretty much every guy wants but doesn’t necessarily go out and buy for themselves. This is a perfect opportunity to purchase something useful that they will appreciate, but make it unique with a customized engraving. Of course, there are all different styles of pocket knives to choose from starting with the simple and basic models, to those meant more for hunters.

Personalized Beer Stein

Personalized Beer Stein

Another great and unique option is to purchase personalized beer steins for each of the groomsmen. Depending on your budget, you may even want to purchase a couple for each guy. You can present their gift to them as you get ready for the big day and have some cold brew on hand to pour into each of their steins.

A Leather Wallet Just for Him

Here’s another gift that can be made unique thanks to customization. A leather wallet with the groomsmen’s initials on it will end up being a gift they cherish for many years to come. These come in a full range of styles and price points making it possible to find something that is just right.

Going the Extra Mile

Your groomsmen gifts should be thought of as a chance to show how much you appreciate your buddies and what they’ve done for you. Going the extra mile and picking something that is both useful and unique will certainly show them how much they mean to you.

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