Finding the Best Broadband for Streaming Movies Online

With so many online activities keeping you fully occupied for just as long as you like, it means that you’ll be using much more data than usual. You may even be considered as a heavy user because you’re watching movies, constantly checking your emails, playing games and researching information on the web.

Reach for the Sky with Entertainment Opportunities

Certainly, for online gaming, your broadband connection has to be reliable, responsive and capable of efficient up- and download speeds. Most broadband providers are well-equipped for gaming, but Sky always ranks high across key performance metrics, which includes connection stability.

Broadband for the Thousands of Mobile Users

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Broadband packages are available in a variety of sizes. Of course, many people in the 21st century scarcely know what a computer is – they choose to do everything from their cell phones. Most mobile broadband plans actually come from our cell phone providers. A few of the major providers offer unlimited data options on their Smartphone packages.

The best mobile broadband provider is Verizon and their plans are on par with the best of the competition. Whatever provider you choose, there are mobile broadband comparison sites to guide your choices for whether you want to be on Facebook, emailing or watching TV. 

Make sure you Never run out of Data

For all your broadband requirements, you need to look at ways to ensure that you’re not running out of data before month end especially when you’re playing games or watching your favourite movie. Some intensive games can easily use up as much as 50MB in just one hour. It doesn’t matter whether you use Netflix, YouTube or other alternatives; streaming video is going to gobble up your data. The rule of thumb for Netflix is 0.7 Gigabytes per hour of standard definition video and 7 GB an hour for Ultra HD.

Not a Heavy User – get a Usage Cap

So if you’re one of those people who’s considered a heavy user and you want to lose yourself regularly in a world of online entertainment, you’ll be wanting to know what you’ll need from your broadband and how to choose broadband that supports your particular usage. Then again, if you’re not a heavy user and you aren’t one who spends nights streaming box-sets, you can save money by opting for a broadband deal with a usage cap. These usage caps put a limit on the amount of data you can download, and then at the start of each month, it automatically resets.

If downloading large amounts of data are on your agenda, you’re going to need a fast connection. For this, Fibre optic broadband is the fastest, with speeds in the region of 38MB and 200Mb. In its favour also is the fact that Fibre was once quite expensive, but competition has driven down prices significantly, and the likes of Sky and Virgin Media offer fibre optic broadband packages, though not always in your area, unfortunately.

These providers offer unlimited broadband, which is marvellous because you can down- and upload just as much as you like without limit. In keeping with the competition, they also offer rewards, freebies and cheap broadband deals to tempt users.

Satellite for Country Dwellers

Cable and fiber-optic Internet services offer the fastest connectivity available but access to these technologies can be limited in country areas. Luckily, satellite Internet providers have developed powerful high-speed Internet which compares well to fibre- and cable services. Satellite Internet is a good choice if you live in the country and you don’t have access to standard cable or fibre Internet providers.

When you sign up for satellite Internet, you’ll get an antenna dish for outside your home and a modem. It depends on your connection as well as the plan you subscribe to because each plan gives you a certain amount of data to use each month.

There are people who are less concerned about their Internet’s speed but are more concerned about price. Sky always offers great deals and often in partnership with an upcoming movie. However, if you’re looking for fast Internet too, Sky also offers its Fibre service with 38Mbps speeds. In fact for unlimited Fibre broadband, it’s in the region of £37 each month, separate from the set-up fee.

Price, Speed, Reliable Connections? You Choose

When you start comparing, it’s a good idea to have an idea of what you want from your broadband and phone package. Compare the packages that have what you want and find the best deal for your budget.

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