Unsafe Delhi – even lawmakers not safe

It seems humanity has been thrown out of the window. This is not an incident that happened in a remote part of the country. It happened in New Delhi, the capital of India and that too in a posh locality.

The national secretary of BJP, Vani Tripathi was attacked by five men. Worse enough, even as hundreds of vehicles passed by, none stopped to help her. Incidentally, the attack occurred close to the place from where the girl who was brutally gang raped on December 16, 2012 was picked. This incident is indeed a cruel blow to the claims of the Chief Minister of Delhi, who has been claiming that much has been done in the city to make its women feel safe.

The national secretary was attacked when she was driving through Greater Kailash, a posh locality in South Delhi and was heading home.

Supreme Court has reportedly condemned this callous behaviour on part of common man who remains mute spectator to any such incident. Earlier in Taran Taran too hundreds of people had remained mute spectators when a girl was beaten in full public view by policemen.

WHO - Violence against woman

The incident of Vani Tripathi cannot be viewed in isolation as it reflects the prevailing security scenario in New Delhi. The leader pointed out that she was on her way home along with a friend when a Scorpio hit her car from behind.  The men in the car were reportedly drunk and tried to pull her driver out, in an effort to get into her car.

Vani fears what could have happened to her, had her driver would not have been present. Hundreds of cars passed by but none dared to stop and help her. She said that she called 100 number, police did come but she feared that anything could have happened. She feared that the men could have raped or even killed her.

This sense of insecurity, even among the lawmakers is a serious cause of concern and reflects the falling standards of morality in our country. All the men allegedly escaped before the police arrived.

Vani feared the worst and pointed out that the incident occurred barely a Km away from where the December 16th gang rape incident occurred. The incident had attracted wide ranging condemnation and people from world over had expressed solidarity with the victim.


However, this increasing trend of attacks on women has perhaps reflected the degradation that has crept in our society. Be it women from lower strata of society or law makers as Vani Tripathi, no one feels safe. It is perhaps a time for reflection and we all need to look within to find what has gone wrong. Immediate remedial measures need to be put in place and one has to give over the instinct of being a mere spectator, whenever any such incident on attack on women takes place.

Meanwhile, political circles are abuzz with speculations as the incident is set to make loud noises in upper and lower house of Parliament.



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