Use of latest technology and risks of distraction for drivers while driving

Automakers are nowadays making latest technology available inside a car. These new cars are like smart phones, the difference being these are on wheels. Drivers can now utilize voice commands for operating these new technology devices. It is also possible now to connect with apps on the phone such as the one to order Domino’s pizza while driving and listening to messages read aloud in your language.


Risks Associated with Use of Technology

However, not all is good with use of advanced technology in cars. According to reports, distracted driving is becoming cause for accidents and deaths. It is estimated that in the US, as many as nine people get killed and many thousands injured every day due to distracted driving.


Steps Taken by Government

Many democrats like Jay Rockefeller are now coming forward to speak against such rampant use of technology in cars without a proper analysis of its impact on safety of drivers. Leading technology companies have been asked to develop a system where parents of teenaged kids would be able disable phone usage such as talking or texting or conversing on social profile while driving a car.

In many states the government has banned texting while driving and it has been found that deaths in accidents due to use of mobile phone have dropped by as much as fifty percent since the ban was imposed. This does tell that use of technology while driving is a factor, which we need to be concerned about.


Pro-Safety Technology & Its Use

However, it is necessary that the governments do not over-regulate which can block research work in pro-safety technological advancements such as those, which help vehicles communicate among themselves and transportation grid.

Some of the technology is helping prevent accidents like the warnings for lane deviation and crash avoidance systems. These crash avoidance systems attempt to escape crashes by sending vehicles direction, location and speed and can lead to reduction in accidents by as much as seventy to eighty percent.


Initiative by Automakers and Telematics Companies

Telematics firms, which develop in-car technologies and some automakers such as Ford, are improving technology for voice activation so that there is minimum distraction for drivers while they are driving a vehicle. Auto companies are becoming more concerned now about whether to include latest technology in cars such as internet connection allowing Facebook postings and tweeting on Twitter.


There are different types of technologies available, some of them are quite useful and actually help in avoiding accidents while there are many other technological advances, which pose great threat for drivers. It is automakers and government to analyze and allow use of technology that is useful for drivers and ban use of others, which pose a risk.

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