Vector Marketing: An A+ Company

If you’re interested in a career with an opportunity for growth, you should know that Vector Marketing can supply you with the resources necessary to accomplish this objective.

In this contemporary era, many college students are looking for great jobs that they can hold down as they get their education. If you’re interested in obtaining a position that offers opportunity for professional development and personal growth, you should know that Vector Marketing can supply you with the resources necessary to accomplish this objective. To learn more about the company and how it attained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, consider the short outline provided below:

About the Company

Vector Marketing is a business that works by offering people the opportunity to sell Cutco products. Cutco specializes in offering a comprehensive line of absolutely amazing cutlery products that includes knives, forks, spoons, trimmers, scissors, garden supplies, and much more. When you work with Vector Marketing, you’ll be able to develop a list of prospective clients. Typically, this list will be comprised of your family, friends, and other individuals in your social network. You’ll use this list to call people and schedule appointments to offer a fun presentation in which you demonstrate the value and worth of the Cutco line. You are granted base pay for each qualified presentation that you give and you also have the opportunity to earn commissions based on your sales. Although some people have claimed that those like Vector Marketing with a performance-based pay structure can be a scam to cause other to be hesitant to work with the company, the business model is legitimate and has enabled numerous college students to earn a sustainable income while simultaneously developing transferable skills that can enhance and optimize their career in any field. See one former representative’s experience of whether Vector Marketing is a scam or not.

The Better Business Bureau: A Brief Overview

If you’re attempting to learn whether a business is legitimate and operates in a legal capacity, it’s a good idea to see what the Better Business Bureau has to say about them. For many years, the BBB has provided people with detailed information regarding the quality of services and products offered by a plethora of companies around the world. In so doing, the BBB has helped instill consumer confidence while working to cultivate a trustworthy marketplace that everyone can participate in. The company accomplishes this objective by:

-Creating standards for marketplace trust
-Supporting and encouraging best practices by educating and engaging businesses and consumers
-Celebrating business excellence and marketplace role models
-Identifying and addressing lackluster or unethical marketplace activity
-Developing and optimizing a community of trustworthy charities and businesses

Vector Marketing’s BBB Accreditation

According to the BBB, Vector meets the company’s accreditation standards. These standards include a commitment to attempting to resolve any and every consumer complaint that surfaces. Businesses accredited by the BBB pay accreditation review/monitoring fees and also support the services the BBB offers the general public. Vector has been an accredited BBB business ever since 12/19/1990. Some of the criteria that businesses must conform to in order to attain BBB accreditation include:

1. Build trust.
2. Advertise honestly.
3. Tell the truth.
4. Be transparent.
5. Honor promises.
6. Be responsive.
7. Safeguard privacy.
8. Embody integrity.

Vector Marketing Company’s BBB Score

The BBB awarded Vector Marketing an A+ score. The factors that affected Vector’s score include:

-Length of time the company has been in operation
-The volume of complaints filed with BBB (with consideration to the size of the business)
-The company’s response to complaints filed against it
-The company’s resolution for complaints filed against it


If you are interested in pursuing work with a company that offers the opportunity to gain unlimited income and professional grooming, Vector Marketing may be perfect for you. Although you may have heard of negative rumors about Vector Marketing, the company’s BBB rating and accreditation function as clear indications that this is a solid organization to work with. By carefully reviewing all of the information outlined above, you’ll be able to make a sound, informed decision regarding whether taking this business opportunity would be advantageous for you.


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