Is that Weird or What! Celebs with offbeat hobbies

Everyone has a hobby or two, something to unwind and take the edge off a long day at work. But like everything else celebrities take it to the next level … you will never believe what makes some of these guysand gals tick.

“Mommy! I want my dolly.” Said Johnny – Johnny Depp takes his eccentricities to another level

Johnny Depp likes his dolls

Image Source : 66.Media.Tumblr.Com

Yes! We are talking about Johnny – the pirate – Depp. The drop dead gorgeous male actor, likes his dolls. Specifically, Barbies. The 52-year old owns several limited edition Barbies. The strangest one is a Lindsay Lohan Barbie complete with an ankle monitor!

Johnny says that he mostly plays Barbie with his kids and it helps him develop characters for his films. Well, if you say so Johnny!

More Toys! This time it´s Leonardo. – Some boys never grow up

Leonardo DiCaprio

Image Source : I3.Mirror.Co.Uk

Another one who hasn’t grown up yet is Mr. DiCaprio. Leonardo really loves to collect action figures and is especially well known for his Star Wars Collection. He also owns several other vintage figures including a 1980s original He-Man. if you are a Leonardo fan then do keep an eye on eBay, where he occasionally suctions some of his vintage collections.

A real life Lara Croft? – Angelina’s deadly hobby


Her mother bought Angelina her first knife when she was 11 and this sparked a lifelong passion for knives and an interest in the history of fighting.

Her fascination with knives took the form of a collection that includes old and beautiful knives from across the world.

Can anything be better than Tom Cruise with a Sword? – Tom stays fit with his new hobby

 Tom Cruise

Image Source : Independent.Ie

Even Tom´s hobbies are designed to make him look hot (Maybe now in his 50s he needs some help).

Not only has the “Top Gun” star taken up fencing with a vengeance, he has also persuaded fellow actor Will Smith and footballer David Beckham to join him. The three musketeers meet at Tom´s specially designed fencing room to practice together and bond. That is one room I wouldn’t mind peeking into!

David Arquette brings out his knitting needles – He learnt it on his grandma´s knees.

David Arquette

Image Source : Cdnph.Upi.Com

Whoever thought that knitting is for fluffy old grandmas, can think again. David Arquette can wield a mean pair of knitting needles and is such a good knitter that he was featured on the cover of Celebrity Scarves 2 for ascarf he knitted for breast cancer awareness. And David is not the only celebrity knitter around; some of the other famous knitters are Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson and Dakota Fanning.

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