What to Do to Make Psychotherapy Effective?

What to Do to Make Psychotherapy Effective

Many people undergoing psychotherapy or planning to start it wonder what to do to make it effective. This is justified, because in this case a lot depends on the patient himself. So what is worth paying attention to feel that the treatment process is going in the right direction? We discuss some important points below.

1.  Choose the right specialist

When thinking about what to do to make psychotherapy effective, it is also good to focus on the other side, i.e. the person with whom we will work on our problems. It should be remembered that we will not manage to get along with every lecturer – it’s natural. It is often heard that a thread of understanding must be established between the patient and the therapist. This works at the level of all interpersonal relationships – we find a common language with some people, not with others.

However, it should be remembered that the specialist we go to is primarily to help us. The awareness that we need professional support should become a motivation to look for the right person. In addition, when considering what to do to make psychotherapy effective, we must bear in mind that it is usually a long process – whether it is treating addiction or treating depression.

2.  Trust the leader

“Another aspect worth mentioning when talking about what to do for psychotherapy to be effective is trust.” – GIA.miami

It should be part of your relationship with the therapist as it plays an important role in your recovery. However, it is difficult to trust a person with whom we feel distanced – so it is worth checking at the first meeting whether a given specialist suits us. It is not enough to come to the first office in the city and hope that the treatment will work only because we have crossed the threshold of this place – although of course there are situations in which the first therapist we visit turns out to be the right person to establish a longer cooperation.

We mentioned trust because it is necessary to “submit” to the instructor’s recommendations. Sometimes Patients resist taking further steps in the treatment process, for example during addiction treatment – this is often due to the nature of the problem that requires overwork. However, by trusting the knowledge and experience of a specialist, you can overcome this resistance, and draw conclusions from difficult moments that will be useful during further work on yourself.

3.  We are psychosomatic

The Cartesian myth that man consists of body and spirit is now forgotten. The development of medicine, psychiatry and other fields of science has shown that psyche and soma are inseparable. Therefore, the last element that is worth considering when considering what to do to make psychotherapy effective is taking care of your body. It is worth remembering that working with a therapist concerns the inner world, and our physicality also requires taking care of it. This will be helped by, for example, individually selected vitamin drips, which are also an element supporting the treatment of alcoholism.

4.  Just ask

In case of doubts about the effects of psychotherapy, it is worth talking to a specialist about what to do to make it effective. Much depends on individual issues, and this is due to the fact that we have different cognitive styles. There are patients who are willing to undergo treatment and follow all recommendations of the therapist, while others need to obtain as much information as possible.

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