4 Easy Ways To Increase Your Following on Twitter

Easy Ways To Increase Your Following on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites in the world, with millions of users globally. Due to its massive popularity, Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for brands, celebrities, and individual users alike to promote themselves. While gaining a following on Twitter can be tricky, it isn’t impossible! Whether you work for one of the best medical scribe companies or just want to gain a following as an individual, here are a few simple yet highly effective tips for increasing your followers on Twitter.

1.  Share Relevant Information

Due to Twitter’s trending topics that include popular tweets from users about a particular subject and the site’s feature which allows users to search for all tweets containing certain key words, posting about relevant and trending topics is the key to gaining exposure for yourself and your brand. Whether it’s discussing current news events or giving your take on a pop culture subject, participating in relevant discussions is a major part of gaining followers on Twitter.

2.  Post Visuals

video content According to Twitter, users are 97% more likely to engage with a particular tweet if it contains a photo or video. Adding visuals to your tweets can help them stand out from others, and can help your content to gain the attention of more users! Delivering information via a short video or visual graph will help you spread the information you desire while giving you the opportunity to reach far more people.

3.  Brand Yourself

If you are attempting to promote your business, be sure to include your Twitter handle in as many branded advertisements as possible! From letting email subscribers know that you are now active on Twitter to including your handle on your website and in all print and digital advertisements, letting potential followers know where to find you is a major key in gaining more exposure on the site.

4.  Interact With Others

Social Media promotionThe best, easiest, and most enjoyable way to gain followers on Twitter is by interacting with others on the site. Replying to tweets about relevant or trending topics and engaging in discussions with other users will not only incentivize these users to follow you, but will expose you to a larger audience as well as your tweets will be visible for their followers to see.

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