What Type of Battery Should I Get for My Ford F-150?

Type of Battery Should I Get for My Ford F-150

Your Ford F150 is a powerful machine, perfectly sized for your hauling and towing needs. For the tough jobs it does, it needs a high-quality battery to match. While there are many types available on the market, this can make shopping a bit more difficult. So how do you determine what type of Ford F-150 battery to buy? This quick guide can help you sort out your options and pick the best battery for your truck.

How Often Should You Check the Battery on Your Car?

auto battery checkupMany experts recommend checking your auto battery twice per year. Including these checks in your seasonal maintenance is a wise move. Testing it before winter makes sense, since cold weather tends to be harder on batteries. And by testing it before summer, you can confirm that it’s robust enough to handle hot temperatures. You can use a multimeter to check its voltage: Most 12-volt batteries measure between 12.5 and 12.6 volts when outside air temperatures are around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This reading can drop a little in colder weather, but this gives you an idea of how well your battery holds a charge.

Testing your battery is a good idea, but it’s also wise to visually inspect it during these checks. The battery case should be intact, with its terminals free of debris or corrosion. Significant corrosion, a cracked case or a swollen battery are all signs that it needs to be changed.

How Long Do Ford F-150 Batteries Typically Last?

Most auto batteries are designed to last between three and five years. However, their lifespans depend on a few key factors: your driving patterns, power needs and climate conditions. Frequent short trips actually drain your battery faster because you’re not driving long enough for your truck’s electrical system to recharge it. Using a lot of electronic accessories also saps up power. Keep in mind that extreme temperatures also impact battery life. Hot weather can dry up the liquids inside and speed up corrosion. Frigid temperatures are hard on your vehicle, and its engine needs more power to start.

What Should I Consider When Buying a New Battery?

New-Auto-BatteryNow that you know what impacts battery life, shopping for a new 2016 Ford F-150 battery should be a little easier. Most auto parts retailers offer both lead-acid and absorbent glass mat versions. Also called “flooded” batteries, lead-acid models contain six cells immersed in an electrolyte solution. Each cell has both positive and negative plates. The solution conducts current, allowing your battery to power your vehicle. Absorbent glass mat models use a different design: a fiberglass plate separator holding the electrolyte in place.

Both flooded and AGM batteries have advantages. Lead-acid batteries cost less and provide plenty of power for your truck. AGM batteries last longer and are better at handling vibration, impacts and extreme temperatures. You’ll pay more for AGM models, but the durability and added power may be worth it if you have above-average power needs or drive in severe hot or cold weather. For the best quality and value, choose a reputable auto parts retailer when shopping for your replacement battery.

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