When Daniel Craig Refused to Dye His Hair

craig as james bond 279
Actor Daniel Craig, reportedly, refused to color his hair to play Bond. He did not mind the punishing exercise regime to put on muscles, but when it came to dying his hair, he drew the line. However, he agreed to cut his hair very short in order to give that ruthless, killing look.
Craig had to fight a very unkind barrage of criticism when he was chosen to play Bond in Casiono Royale. The actor was considered lacking the style and oomph a muscular craig 279attached to James Bond.
His critics were scathingly forthright in saying that he was just too short and way too ordinary looking to play Bond.
If the current reviews of the movie are anything to do by, the actor has not too badly in playing Bond. Sean Connery is considered to be the best Bond ever and Pierce Brosnan comes a close second. Some people, including me, would argue that Brosnan was, by far, the best Bond ever.

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