Daughter raped for money borrowed by parents, unbelievable but happened in Wardha

rape for money wardha 26

Daughter is equal to money, it’s hard to believe but this is truth at least in Maharashtra. Sudhir Salve, 41, has reportedly held daughter of a tribal couple, who were owed some money from him. Salve has been arrested and charged with rape and anti-atrocity laws.

The Indian Express has reported that Bhimrao and Damibai Belodi, a tribal couple with a 19-year-old daughter and nephew, Raju were migrated to Sonegaon village of Hinganghat tehsil in Wardha district.

Salve, local landlord, offered Rs 11,000 as advance annual salary, three bags of jowar, and one and a half bags of wheat as wages to the couple.

After some times, Damibai fallen in ill and went back to their native place. Bhimrao also wanted to go back But Salve said to either work for him or pay Rs 4000. Bhim Rao was not able to do that then Salve put a condition to hold his daughter to work for him.

Bhimrao agreed and left but came back to take her daughter back last Sunday. Then Salve refused to let her go with their parents.

The victim has later given statement in the Allipur police station as Salve had ‘sex with her a few times’ till her mother and aunt came along with the police to free her.

Damibai took help of her sister Shobha, resident of Andhra Pradesh a former Shiv Sena MLA Ashok Shinde . They lodged a complaint against Salve. The police took immediate action and freed the girl.

According to Allipur Police station in-charge S M Sadhankar, the medical test has established habitual sex.

On the other hand, Salve’s wife is saying another story. She says that

her husband has been fixed. The girl was enjoying her stay here and refused to go with her parents as she was getting Rs 100 per month here.

The matter is turning as political battle as well because a Shiv Sena leader is involved against Salve and Salve, himself, is local Congress leader.


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