Why celebrities are targeted more for their star status

Celebrities are targeted more for their star status because if they are on the news then it attract the attention of each and every person. Celebrities are famous personalities or persons about whom the public is very much interested and eager to know about. So, it is quite obvious that if the celebrities can be brought in to the news than just ordinary people then the news can be sold more. This is the reason why the news channels or rather the reporters are always on the lookout for such news which concerns any celebrities.

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice Hosts "Absolutely Fabulous"

Everyone is trying to dig out some news about the celebrities so that they can also become popular.

The media is the main culprit behind this. They are willing to go to any extent just to bring out some hidden news or scandals about the celebrities so that they are able to claim that they have done their bit in journalism. This is a very base thing and is very harmful for both the celebrities as well as their audience.

For example, Teresa Giudice and her husband Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Giudice, claims that they are being targeted by the court of law only on the ground that they are celebrities. Teresa, a ‘’The Real Housewives’’ star has been prosecuted based on financial fraud allegations. According to Teresa’s attorney it is being heard that Teresa has been targeted by the government since she is a high profile person so as to draw attention to their prosecutorial efforts. Giuseppe’s attorney revealed that he felt that his client was being treated differently than others by the court of law just because of his celebrity status.

Whether it is for advertising or news or interviews, celebrities are targeted everywhere for their star status because of whatever they do, the ordinary public is always interested about them. So, it is quite obvious that it is their star factor which makes them so vulnerable in such occasions that they become prey to such circumstances. If they are actually not guilty of any crimes then they should not be harassed or turned into a media article because after all they are celebrities, i.e. high profile people, and we should keep it in mind that it is us or rather the general public who have made them celebrities and so we should allow them the privileges of being a celebrity.

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