Fashion shows-Why they suck?

Every other day, in some part of the world, there is held a fashion show. The choicest of models from the world participate in these fashion shows. The best of designers launch their collections. Some of them are successful while some others are an utter disappointment. However, except for the elite class, fashion shows charm no one. In fact, except for the sake of models, no one really watches fashion shows. Clothes are just an excuse to get an eyeful of runaway models. Why is it that these fashion shows entirely fail to charm the audiences with the collection and the clothes on the ramp? Here are a few reasons to it –

Fashion show

Outrageous Clothes

The clothes that are showcased on the ramp are simply outrageous. No one is going to wear those kinds of clothes even to a party. The clothes aren’t friendly to the audiences. Only the A-list stars are going to wear those but there are more people in the world than those stars. Hence, clothes that are worn by models in fashion shows are not at all customer friendly. Hence, the fashion shows only seem like a chance for the models to portray themselves so that the men can get an eyeful.

Fashion show_1

Outrageous Prices

Not only do these clothes look hideous and hilarious but they also come at a very steep price. Why would one shell out a big fat cheque for a hilarious and outrageous dress? Isn’t that a dumb thing to do? It would be nice to put out some nice and friendly dresses out there both in terms of budget and in terms of street style. It is bound to put the buyer as well as the seller in a good mood. Moreover, fashion shows will have more meanings than just revealing models. People will go for the clothes and the designer’s collection.

Fashion show_4

Skinny Models

Sexy and skinny runaway models are the ones that display the clothes in fashion shows. These clothes are not always worn by skinny girls. It would be nice to have a fair mix of all body sizes in a fashion show that will make connection with reality. For not everyone is skinny. Moreover, these sexy, skinny models are eye candy for the men who don’t really care about the clothes. After all, what has a man got to do with a woman’s clothes? He is obviously around for the model.






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