Why dating your neighbour is a great deal?

“Love thy Neighbour” goes an old adage but some people take it way too far. When it gets to the point where you are in literal senses dating your neighbour, it isn’t as good as it sounds. All the more so if you live in a conservative neighbourhood. People are going to make noise about your relationship with your neighbour, point fingers on your character and do a million other things. Hence, if you are going to date your neighbour, think twice before you barge onto it. Yes, it isn’t easy to resist the irresistible and tempting hottie next door but sometimes you have to do it for your own sake.

dating your neighbour

However, even if you give in to the devilish temptation then it may or may not work in your favour. Both ways, the 2 of you are going to be the talk of the town… err neighbourhood in this case. If she agrees to go on a date with you, the neighbourhood will gush about how cute the 2 of you look together and if she rejects you, your image in that neighbourhood will be tarred for the rest of your life. Not only that, you no longer stand a chance with any other woman or man (depending upon your orientation), in that particular neighbourhood. In literal words, you are doomed. This isn’t all you have to go through. You will have to constantly pass by the woman who rejected you and it is going to be awkward as hell because you don’t know what to say anymore. You are damned as hell if you are to stay in this neighbourhood for the rest of your life i.e. permanent residency.

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Moreover, even if things do work in your favour and the 2 of you get dating, a tough phase or a small break up is inevitable in any relationship. Now, if the 2 of you don’t get back together after this, you are once again damned. For, after you guys have parted ways, you can constantly see each other having a life. Both of you can see each other move on with different partners and it isn’t easy by any means.

If you are the last to move on, it is going to hurt harder. Hence, all in all, it is just a bad idea to date your neighbour. It sounds hunky dory in the beginning but it is a terrible hell hole that you are getting into.

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