Why girls often dump the super rich guys when it comes to marriage?

Money is not the last and most important thing in life. Money is just materialistic but the person and his values are what matters the most. Each and every lady doesn’t go after money or marries a guy seeing his bank balance. A person might be rich but his heart might not be of any value.

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Marriage is a commitment and it is a relation in which each one has to value and understand their counterparts. Money cannot buy nor love and neither commitment. Marriage is a very a important decision of life and a person has to face consequences of this decision throughout his/her life. If the decision is rightly taken then the person’s life is going to be blissful and he/she will be satisfied. But if the decision is taken on a whim then the person has to suffer the consequences throughout the rest of her life. So, money cannot be the sole thing to decide such a crucial decision.

women dump super rich guys before marriage

Some of the reasons why women dump super rich guys before marriage are:

  • There are ladies out there who still value character and personality over money.
  • Now-a-days there are women who are mostly independent and self sufficient financially and hence they search for someone who has value and can provide them with happiness and commitment and not just with money.
  • Any sensible and well brought lady will say that they are not willing to marry just by seeing how rich a guy is but rather how is that guy as a person, as a proper human being.
  • Every lady looks for a person who can make her feel comfortable and spend sufficient time with her rather than spending money on her always.
  • Every time money is not everything that matters. A guy has to be presentable and worthy. He also has to be good natured and should not be proud.
  • Generally rich guys are very arrogant and they show their pride too often, i.e. they are very rich. They don’t care for the girl.
  • If any guy is too obsessed with himself, his life, his career and his social life.
  • If a guy does not give importance to her, or compliments her on what she does, etc.


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