Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen

Have you ever thought about building an outdoor kitchen? It’s a growing trend. According to Grand View Research, the global outdoor kitchen market size was valued at $21.11 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.4% from 2023 to 2030.

There are many reasons outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular, but one is the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many to stay home and eat out less. Outdoor kitchens allowed homeowners to have an eating-out experience without actually leaving home—the best of both worlds.

Now, the trend has held on. Homeowners are growing accustomed to outdoor kitchens, and more and more people want one.

Here are the top four reasons why now is the perfect time to invest in an outdoor kitchen for your home:

1. Expand your living space

One of the most obvious benefits of building an outdoor kitchen is the expanded living space. What used to be a patio, grass, or dirt is now a cooking space where you can prepare meals and serve guests.

If you’ve felt like your indoor kitchen space is cramped, or you don’t have room to host the dinner guests you’d like to, an outdoor kitchen may be the perfect solution.

Even if you don’t plan to host, sometimes it’s nice to get a change of scenery, especially when the weather is nice outside.

2. Boost your backyard’s curb appeal

An outdoor kitchen can also boost your home’s curb appeal. Maybe not from the front, but those who step into the backyard will immediately sense the upgraded value. This can help your house stand out in a competitive market if and when you go to sell. Interested buyers will not only notice your house more but be willing to pay more for it.

Of course, this depends partly on whether the climate calls for an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen in Alaska, for example, may not be as appealing as one in Hawaii.

Also, make sure the outdoor kitchen design fits the geographic area. For example, neutral tones may best match the desert surroundings of Arizona, and a permanent fire pit could be a great addition to a rustic area like Washington State.

3. Create a family-friendly environment

As a parent, fostering quality family time can be a struggle. This is especially true if your kids have smartphones, social media accounts, and access to other online entertainment.

One way to encourage more time together as a family is to make eating outside more enjoyable with an outdoor kitchen. Whether your family is large or small, an outdoor kitchen can be what it takes to get your family together. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can get one catered to your family’s needs.

4. Increase your home’s value

Lastly, an outdoor kitchen can be a great investment. For all the reasons listed above, it can raise the value of your home, delivering an ROI of 55% or more. That means much of an outdoor kitchen pays for itself, and the rest pays for enjoyable times cooking and dining outside.

Ultimately, you should think of an outdoor kitchen as a long-term investment—in terms of monetary value but also memorable family experiences.

The bottom line

Life is short. So it’s best to spend it doing what you love with those you love. And for many, eating food with family outside fits the bill. With an outdoor kitchen, you can create lasting memories that you and your kids won’t forget.

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