Why sonam kapoor is over hyped?

Sonam Kapoor with not a single film which can be said to be a hit is one of the most hyped celebs of bollywood. The only claim to fame she has is that she is the daughter of Anil Kapoor. Apart from this the only thing that is constantly highlighted about her is her fashion sense, but let’s not forget that this is done by the set of extremely talented and dedicated designers who constantly strive to make her look stylish.


As far as her acting abilities are considered she has shown no progress since her debut film. Her contemporaries like- Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma have climbed the ladder of success by impressing not only the audience but also the critics. But Sonam says she is not in a rat race and does not believe in the number game. Yet the fact remains that she is not even close to her contemporaries when it comes to acting.

Even while you read this, Sonam is busy making her much talked –about appearance at the Cannes film festival. These are the only events that connect her to the films because acting is something which is yet a distant dream for this hottie. She really needs to sharpen her acting skills before it is too late and the audience stops showing any interest in her. Although good film offers are coming her way but she needs to work really hard if she wants to be in the same league as her other colleagues.

Fashion sense will not make up for her lack of acting abilities. The best of the divas fade way with time if they are not talented.

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She has make her presence felt at the box office. Yet Sonam Kapoor remains among the most sought after celebrities. She is the only actress for whom Manish Arora designs clothes. A style icon, she is on the cover of fashion magazines almost every month. She tops almost every best dressed list.

Iconic fashion designer Victoria Beckham once tweeted about how great one of her dresses looked on “beautiful Sonam”. She doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind and is candid about herself as well as others. And, she seems to draw brands like a magnet. Yet, when it comes to movies, actor Sonam Kapoor has little to boast about.

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