Why we are fed up of Hollywood movies that are dubbed?

We all love watching movies. Nowadays there are various Hollywood movies that are coming up like Spiderman, the Avengers, Captain America, Twilight Saga and many more that are being watched by majority of the mass. However most of the movies have sub titles and some of them are even dubbed in Hindi and other languages. Some of these movies have been huge hits in the countries in which they had been released . That is why the producers are willing to sell their copyrights to the regional producers so that they can be released once again thus the profit is multiplied . Some of these movies turn out to be major hits and are highly appreciated.


Are we in for the Hollywood movies that are dubbed? If you ask for my opinion, Hollywood movies that are dubbed actually spoil the whole effect of the movie. Dubbing and Lip Sync are two different aspects of a movie that is very important for a movie. If the technical aspects of dubbing and lip sync are mastered properly then the movie becomes as much entertaining as it had been when it was released for the first time. The fact is that a good movie is always a hit be it in any language.

Dubbing the movie has various side effects. Firstly, dubbing completely can change the meaning of the movie. Moreover dubbing a movie will mess up the originality of the movie. An English movie which is dubbed in Hindi will not carry out the true essence of the movie.

Imagine a Hollywood actress like Jennifer Lopez speaking in Hindi. Remember the movie Anaconda? The movie was dubbed in Hindi called the “ bishal Nag” and the movie was simply a flop in the movie halls. Though many movies have huge amount of success stories attached to them are dubbing as well, some movies just spoil the essence of the show.

Dubbing also spoils the voice of the character. This is especially very much obvious when you hear a character speaking in Hindi and the songs being sung in the original version. The sweet voice of the actress becomes husky, and an actual husky voice becomes shrill. There are so many pros and cons to dubbing a movie. Therefore we as a general mass are definitely fed up of dubbed movies that spoil half the essence of watching the movie.

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