Why we are ready to accept relationships without marriage?

The reason that we are ready to accept relationships without marriages is because we are presently in the 21st century and we need to approve the notion that without marriage there can be commitments. We need not be married just to prove that we are committed to our partners, we can even do that being in a relationship. There is no need to build a relationship between two individuals with the help of some legal boundaries.


Yes, marriage holds one back by its legal measure, assuring the other person that his or her partner is committed and loyal. But this is not a scenario now a day. Problems like extra marital affairs and divorce come up handy with this marriage. It needs the mutual consent of both individual for divorce, so they opt for extra marital affairs making their relationship worst.

Now we need to respond to the call of the hour and accept that live-in relationship is the best alternative for marriages. A culture developed in the western countries to oppose against marriage and its legal restrictions. Where, both the male and the female have equal right to move in or out of a relationship. It is a more simple method than marring someone these days. You can even take on responsibilities all by yourself when you are in such relationships; no one needs to be dependent on others.


When two individuals are responsible enough they can lead a healthy and sustainable life just being in a mere relation, which is held by mutual trust and love, not some legal measures. Commitments come from one’s self, no one can force a person to be committed, be it any person or law. So by now we should be ready to accept such change and support such actions. We need to think rationally that what can be done.

It should be legalized in most of the countries by now. Parents or the previous generation needs to accept the fact and show their approval to this.

When we look for the synonyms for the word commitment, we find words like promise, pledge, loyalty, obligation, dedication and assurance but we don’t find marriage. To cut short the divorce rate and adversities of it, relationships is the best option. The sooner we get this the better it is for us.

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