Why we are willing to give Modi a chance?

The electoral candidate that looks like he has a promising future is Narendra Modi, as a polarizing figure, Indian citizens either hate or love him. This is one candidate that has never been in between these two extremes. His supports feel that is the next best thing that can happen to Indian politics while his while those favoring Congress feel like he would be an embarrassment as an Indian leader, especially if representing the country abroad.



There is plenty of negative press that has been garnered around Modi, the most recent reports state that he had been married and then later on left his wife. While divorce and spousal abandonment is not new in India, what really bothers his opponents is why he chose to keep this a secret. While his personal life may be a bit shady, it is not really an indicator of whether he will make a formidable leader or not. The opponents of Modi maintain that he will damage, if not destroy the image if India if he is elected and will work actively towards the promotion of amajoritarian agenda. Even the New York Times seems to agree to the danger that is Narendra Modi, and in a recent article featured in their journal had stated that Indian is a conglomerate of multiple, religions, ethnic groups and major languages  and that Modi cannot effectively lead such a diverse country is he inspires fear and antipathy among many of its citizens.

Another fact that will not work in Modi’ s favor is that a large majority of voters don’t approve of him for many reasons which include that he has a majoritarian agenda, has issues with other religions, has issues that were not brought to light earlier.


In fact many minority communities and groups, particularly Muslims, may not be safe under his rule, while Modi has committed to shredding this secular curtain, people are skeptical of this promise and the Gujarat riots stand as testimony to what he really stands for.

Another third reason why he not favored by many voters is because they see him as a classic autocrat/fascist leader who is just masquerading as ‘decisive’ leader. There is plenty of truth in this as those who are looking for a stable leader, don’t really see him as one. The way he governed Gujarat stands as evidence of this and many feel that he will ultimately be persuaded to fall under the Vajpayee umbrella as he is one who is not really a team player. He has also destroyed all opposition within his own party-so the only question that remains is whether Indians is willing to be ruled by a self made despot?

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