Why You Should Invest In An Air Purifier Now


Have you ever considered buying an air purifier? This tool can help you improve your health, clean your surroundings, and help you deal with your work. Know more about this below:

You Live in a Closed Space

Air-PurifierThe walls of our trailer, home, or apartment can protect us from various elements. However, it can trap different airborne chemicals, particles, odor, and gases. Our haven may be 100 times more polluted than the outdoor air. Thus, an air purifier is a must-have. Check the https://www.cuckoo.com.my/products/air-purifiers/c-model/ to know more about the detailed specifications on C model air purifiers for your house.

There are Children in the House

The developing body of the child is not the same as adults. They have an immature metabolism and they cannot excrete the chemicals as how the bodies of adults do. Thus, they are vulnerable to the effects of pollution in the air.

Moreover, there are children that suffer from asthma and allergies. These are aggravated by chemicals and airborne particles. Thus, an air purifier can effectively do the job of cleaning the air.

A Baby Lives in the House or You are Pregnant

PregnantIt is critical to prevent chemical exposure at an early stage. According to experts, the disease is an on-going body process that can take many years to evolve – starting from the earliest stage.

Thus, if a newborn or fetus is exposed to a cancer-causing toxin at an early stage, he/ she will have a higher risk of developing a disease. This is because the toxin can evolve over the years.

You are 60 years or Above

The products that we invented to make our lives easier can slowly degrade our health. There are products that are toxic and can produce chemicals. Examples of which are pesticides, non-stick surfaces, flame retardants, plastics, dry cleaning, and chemical cleaning agents. Thus, it is advisable to buy an air purifier to keep the air inside your home clean.

You Have Allergies

You Have AllergiesAllergies can be aggravated both by airborne chemicals and particles. Example of these is dander, pollen, and dust which can be found inside or outside the home.

An air purifier with HEPA filtration and activated carbon can remove the airborne chemicals and particles. Indeed, this is helpful for people who have asthma or other kinds of respiratory issues.

You are Living Near the Industrial Facility or Road

Factory emissions and heavy traffic can emit dangerous particles, which can enter in the body. According to studies, short-term exposure to pollution can make one at risk of developing heart problems. Meanwhile, prolonged exposure can reduce life expectancy from 2 to 3 years.

You are Living Near the Volcano or Forest Fire Zone

Air-PurifierActive volcanoes and forest fires can create serious air problems. It involves gases, chemicals, and odors which can affect health. Thus, an air purifier with HEPA filter or activated carbon can offer protection for these types of pollutants. Check the c model air purifier specifications for your house.

You Have Issues in Housekeeping

Dust is considered as one of the main exposure problems of airborne chemicals. With an air cleaner, it can prevent the accumulation of dust in the surfaces. Even with the use of an air freshener, this cannot be removed easily. Thus, an air purifier can do the job better. Also, it can trap the viruses, mold, and bacteria in the air.

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