World Jewish community consolidation to stop anti-Semitism actions


Like all forms of discrimination and intolerance, anti-Semitism must stop. The Israeli Jewish Congress advocates for the consolidation of the Jewish community.

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Vladimir Sloutsker, the Congress co-founder and president, expressed the hope that successful cooperation between Israel and the Jewish organizations in the European Union. He said that they will continue to cooperate and build alliances at the same high level as it has to this day.

According to Mr.Sloutsker, the world Jewish community consolidation will help to solve many social problems that include intolerance and anti-Semitism. These two burning problems become extra important due to the conflicts and protests that run around many European countries.

Mr. Sloutsker further stated that conducting educational activities, events and various kinds of exhibitions, meetings, contributes to the direct consolidation between Jews throughout the world. He said that such an approach will not allow the historical memory to fade away, and it will be passed to future generations. We all should make an effort and use all ways to inform today’s youth and grow a tolerant and understanding nation. It is important to remember that the peaceful future of our children depends only on us.

Strengthening Jewish Customs

Mikhail Peleg (, the co-founder and permanent participant of the Israeli Jewish Congress also did not remain aside from this problem. He suggested ways of strengthening and preserving Jewish customs and traditions. He emphasized that in the modern world we need to work harder on public associations and building stronger connections between nations.

Mr. Peleg also stated that it is crucial to combat anti-Semitic actions in Europe. Unfortunately, today we can still see the intolerance towards the Jews. That is why the co-founders of the Israeli Jewish Congress insist on the importance of the close cooperation of the Jewish community with other religious organizations around the world. This will enable the nation to stay strong and to fight more effectively and productively on a joint basis with manifestations of hatred and xenophobia. “I believe that this vector of movement will allow protecting Jewish traditions in the modern world,” stated Mikhail Peleg publicly.

What should we do?

anti-SemitismWorld Jewish community consolidation is a guarantee of successful activity of the Israeli Jewish Congress that can help to resolve the current problem. Like all forms of discrimination and intolerance, anti-Semitism must stop.There is no place for such things in the modern world. We need to take real actions and concentrate more on our future generations. One day our kids are going to make decisions that will influence the world and we are responsible for what they learn before that. It is extremely important to teach them to be tolerant, companionate and have strong opinions and characters to combat all the bad things that they will face in this world. And as our world is still in our hands we need to do all that we can to build a safe and happy surrounding for the future generations. We need to take actions now, they speak louder than words.We should condemn all kinds of xenophobia and anti-Semitism. No disagreements, not even over the Jerusalem status, can justify such actions. We all should remember that we were born the same way: as humans, and therefore deserve the same acceptance and rights.

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