Working Around the World? How to Stay Motivated and Productive


Innovations in technology have made it possible for people to work from anywhere in the world. There are plenty of stories about people who do freelance writing while exploring the world on a daily basis. Not everyone is made to work abroad as it can be hard to stay productive and motivated with all of the new experiences and people around you, but for those who can, it’s a remarkable experience. There are plenty of executives at companies who constantly travel as their staff and themselves can do their jobs from different ends of the world. The following are some ways to stay productive and motivated while you work while exploring the world.

Have a Set Schedule

Having a set schedule seems counterintuitive when traveling around the world. This does not mean you have to work a regular 9 to 5 job but rather it means a certain part of the day should be dedicated to working. This can be modified depending where you are in the world but getting a few hours of work done every single day can minimize the time you have to spend working. 5 hours a day of work will allow some to get more done than 5 days of 8 hours. This is because some people cannot concentrate for a long amount of time and stay consistently productive. Something as simple as working a few hours on each weekend day can open up the entire week as far as enjoying your traveling experience. Try to take some weekends off to avoid burnout, but those who are motivated shouldn’t have a problem.

Set Up an Office

If you plan on working or meeting in one of the destinations you are traveling to, then you will need an office. When meeting with a head of a company you should look into renting out executive suites. Some of these even come with a staff so you can make it look like you have set up a branch of the company in your destination. This office can be a haven away from the place where you are staying at as many people do not like to work where they live. This can lead to blurred lines and longer hours for people who always seem to have to answer that last work email.


Stay Productive on Flights or Trains

Plenty of time will be spent on flights, trains, or even buses depending where in the world you are. Do not waste this time as it can be a great place to get work done. Stay productive on the go. Even without an internet connection, you can write out agendas for a week or even do assignments you might have to type up later. Some people use these places to sleep, but with the never ending time change you will be enduring, you will find plenty of time to sleep.

Have Weekly Client Calls or Email Check Ins

Working with clients can be difficult when you are in a very different time zone. When in a different time zone you need to bend to the needs of your client and meet/have a call with them/email them to check in just to keep the business relationship healthy. This might mean getting up in the middle of the night, butit’s good to remember that these clients are the ones giving you the freedom to travel. Clients will be happy with an email checkup and status report if all of the work is on time and high quality. You might run into some clients that want to explain something over a call though as some people verbalize desired work better than they write it.

As you can see, organization is crucial when it comes to staying productive as well as motivated. Seeing what you have to do during the day allows you to plan out tasks rather than improvise and then possibly forget to do something. Employers are generally very flexible with freelancers or workers traveling abroad as long as they get their work done. Executives living this lifestyle need to make an appearance at the office or have a video call a few times a week. Executives who are not present in the office can still motivate and direct as long as managers in the office are proficient. Do not hesitate to live your dream and travel around the world without sacrificing your career.


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