World’s First latest invented Technology to eradicate and control Black Money & Tax evasio

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I am extremely thankful to Discovery Channel (in Hindi) which motivated and prompted me to the extent I have been able to invent World’s First most innovative & foolproof Technology to eradicate & control Black Money and Tax evasion up to 99.99%. in any country where computerization is under use and with the Grace of Almighty I have bee able to do what the World’s Eminent Economist, Administrators and Politicians can not do in 100 years to come.

Government of any country in the World where computerization is under use can eradicate and control Black Money & Tax Evasion up to 99.99% & further control price rise, inflation, corruption, frauds, misappropriation of funds, embezzlement of funds, heavy wasteful expenditure on Government’s administration, investigative agencies, elections etc. The Government thus can save thousands of millions of rupees, dollars, pounds, yens, Euros etc. which could otherwise be used for poverty elimination programmers or developing other country’s infrastructures.

This is World Class, most innovative & completely foolproof technology invented First time in India which no one did so far in the world. This technology can be used by any Government in the world where computerization is under use and has been devised in such a way that no one in the country at any level could dare evading paying even a single penny tax due to the Government as well as hide even a single penny as income/expense or sale /purchase towards the black money and motivate honest citizens to become honest ones.

Tax income would be so high to the Governments that they would be forced to reduce all their tax rates up to 1/3 level.

After the use of this technology, entire Black Money of the country will come under Government’s books with in a year.

And all information of any nature pertaining to any individual, business venture, Government Depts., or any project of the country will be available only with the press of a button.,

I hold the copy right of this technology and applied for patent as well as for my new invention i.e. Super Bank statement, a Modern New Book keeping system used in this technology. This single entry system will give complete information about each transaction and having all the norms of double entry book keeping system with other excellent salient features. This Super Bank Statement i.e. SBS can record all types of transactions including cash and bank’s ones and can be used and understood by even a ordinary citizen who does not have even knowledge of book keeping,

This SBS will work as direct evidence for Country’s Premier Investigating Agencies as well as all the courts. Country’s Premier Investigating Agencies will have all information from SBS itself by sitting in their AC office and would not be required to move any where for information only.

This Technology have tremendous other unlimited benefits provided the Governments of different countries of the World start using this Technology in their countries in addition to saving thousands of millions of rupees, dollars, pounds, yens, Euros etc. which could otherwise be used for poverty elimination programmes or developing other country’s infrastructures.

This technology is the result of my complete 2 ½ years day & night hard working plus 35 years vast experience of different fields relating to the subject and it took about 20 years to invent this technology for the cause of humanity &. for the poor people of my India and the World who are not having even their one time bread to eat.

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Ex-Senior Manager–Bank of India.
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