3 Things you should you know before you buy your first inflatable SUP

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand-Up-Paddleboarding or popularly referred to as SUP is a fast growing sport that is related to surfing. It is fun to participate in this sport and one will also be guaranteed a good workout when they engage in it. Now, for you to take part in SUP, you will need to buy a paddle board. There are many other reasons one would want to take part in the SUP sport. You can do it for recreation purposes, sightseeing, fitness, racing on rivers and lakes as well as a form of surfing.

For you to enjoy this sport and be safe as you paddle, you will require buying an inflatable paddle or one that is not inflatable. To buy the best inflatable paddle, you need to read the inflatable paddle board reviews so that you will be better informed in choosing the right SUP for your needs.

Here are 3 things you need to know before you purchase your first SUP:

Where will you use the board?

It is important that one is aware of the inflatable boards that one wants to buy. The size of the board is a very important factor for a beginner. This is more so if you plan to bring a passenger on board. Are you planning to do yoga on your board? If so, you should choose a wider board. Are you a fast paddler? Are you an advanced user of SUPs? If so, you will want to buy a board that can glide easily. You may also want to buy a board that is thin and one that as the D-ring at the back. When you are sure where you will be going on the board most of the time, or who you will bring with you, then you can choose a board that has the right feature for your needs.

Price and board purchase guarantee

Whether you are buying an inflatable board or the non-inflatable type, you want to buy an affordable one and one that offers you value for your money. You do not want to buy a very expensive inflatable board. You do not want to buy a very cheap board either. The best thing that you can do is do research and get to know the prices of the various inflatable boards. Does your inflatable board come with a guarantee? There are companies that can offer you ride-it-and-love-it guarantee, meaning that you will be at liberty to return the board in case you do not like its performance.

Storage for your paddle board

Another very important thing you should consider when buying a paddle board is your storage needs. Where will you be storing the SUP board when you are not using it? Do you have a place where the board will not be exposed to the elements? Does your inflatable board come with a board-bag for ease of storage?

Your inflatable or epoxy boards will be safer and last longer if it is stored away from direct sunlight. You should also consider a cool and dark location as the best storage location for your inflatable SUP board.

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