5 Signs You Are Highly Intelligent

Signs You Are Highly Intelligent

You just made an appointment with a doctor from The Bunion Cure. They appeared to be more intelligent than most people you’ve encountered. It got you thinking of how there are some similarities you share with this person. Perhaps there are certain traits that highly intelligent people all carry.

While there hasn’t been a lot of research done on what makes a genius a genius, there are some characteristics that it seems a lot of highly intelligent people share.

Here are 5 signs you are highly intelligent!

1.  Introverted

You aren’t often the life of the part if you’re highly intelligent. Yet, this doesn’t mean you don’t have excellent social skills. You just prefer to keep to yourself most of the time. You find the small talk that often accompanies group get-togethers rather boring.

Highly intelligent people spend a lot of time in introspection. They really like to understand the workings of the world and what they’ve learned, and they know they can do this best in solitude.

2.  You’re Usually Quiet

While being quiet might seem like an introverted trait, this isn’t necessarily why highly intelligent people don’t usually carry on and on in conversation. Instead, these people like to speak with conviction. There’s no point in saying something if it doesn’t add any real value to the conversation.

This is why when these intellectuals speak, it often quiets the room. They will come out of nowhere, adding insight and creative perspective to a conversation when people least expect it.

3.  Small Ego

Geniuses couldn’t care less about what people think of them. In fact, they understand people’s perception of them is just a projection of the person talking. They will end up learning more about someone the more they try and get at their ego.

Intelligent people aren’t phased by people trying to personally attack them. They sleep just fine feeling sure of themselves. This doesn’t mean they always feel secure in themselves, but the reason for their insecurity has little to do with their egos.

4.  Use Time Wisely

You won’t find intelligent people wasting any of their time. If there’s something they don’t find value in, they don’t have any difficulty saying no. They will use their energy involved in activities that help them to grow.

This doesn’t mean intelligent people don’t procrastinate, however. If you find them working a tedious job, they will find it challenging to get engaged in work that doesn’t utilize their creativity and intellect.

5.  Often Prone to Depression or Anxiety

One of the downsides of people who are highly intelligent is that they are often prone to mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety. This isn’t exactly understood, but it could be assumed this is because they have a greater understanding of the world.

If you consider how often they think about the complexities of life, it’s no surprise they would experience some negative side effects from that. After all, people who have lower IQ’s tend to distract themselves. Whereas intelligent people find escaping the reality of the world quite challenging. This could lead them to isolate and withdraw.

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