5 – Steps to Take When You Are Injured on the Job

Injured on the Job

Even under the best of circumstances, work-related accidents and injuries can occur. You have probably heard of workers compensation, but you may not understand what you should do to make sure you can collect help with the medical bills and lost wages while you are down and out of work. Here are five steps to take when you are injured on the job.

1.     Understand the Law

Need a lawyerMost states require employers to have workers compensation insurance to cover the possibility of work-related injuries or illnesses. In return for this insurance coverage, most of the time an employee cannot sue his or her employer except under very specific circumstances. To better understand what options you have if you become injured on the job, contact a lawyer that can answer your questions about negligence, compensation, and medical care.

2.     Report the Accident

Generally, you are required to report the injury within 30 days of the potential problem. In case you find yourself in a minor accident at work, the best thing to do is to report it whether you think you are injured or not. If you make the report verbally to your employer or supervisor, it is probably a good idea to follow it up with a written notice of what occurred.

3.     Keep a Journal

treatment costsKeeping a journal of the steps you take to alleviate the seriousness of your injury can be very important. It would certainly help in getting reimbursed for any of your injury-related, out-of-pocket expenses. This can include mileage to a doctor visit, treatment costs, and attorney fees. To protect yourself and your future, write everything down.

4.     Visit a Doctor

Although your first visit to a medical facility may be to your personal doctor, any further medical treatments must be with an insurance approved provider. Once you have started the claim, the insurance company may provide you with a list of potential healthcare workers. Choose one to visit, and don’t forget to report that your appointment is due to a work-related injury.

5.     Consult with an Attorney

filing your claimThe workers compensation system can be frustrating and confusing. Even a small error on the forms provided can result in a denial of your claim. If you find yourself in need of help, consult with an attorney about filing your claim and ask what you can do to make sure your submission is successful.

If you become injured or contract an illness while on the job, you can seek insurance compensation. If you have any questions, be safe and contact an attorney to help you get help with lost wages and medical bills.

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