Hemant Karkare – The Indomitable ATS Chief Who lost His Life In Mumbai Blasts

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The man behind the Malegaon Blasts probe.He was sure he had cracked this case and was one of the few daring officer who had the guts to bring in front of the whole world especially India the horrifying face of Hindu Terror.

The arrest of Pragya Thakur,Dayanand and others had brought him in the firing line of RSS,BJP,VHP and all other Hindu organisations and Mr. L.K.Advani was quite vocal about the tortures allegedly given to the 11 arrested by the ATS and had demanded a change in the ATS team.The Shiv Sena had threatened to take action against such ATS officers who had tortured Malegaon culprits.

Obviously Karkare was affected by the political turn the things had taken and he was being made the villian by the whole country where as he was only doing his duty.

His record as an IPS officer for 26 years include a stint in Austria,in the RAW and he also fought against Naxalites.He was interested in creating wooden sculptures by driftwood.

He had apparently received a death threat quite recently because of his role in Malegaon Blasts case.

But the most worrying thing is how such a responsible officer was in the fore front of this battle against terrorists wearing only a half helmet which is worn by the constables during riots and later on he was shown wearing a flimsy bullet proof jacket which was of no protection against the bullets of the terrorists.

As per a newspaper report his reaction to the death threat was a smiley. The whole Nation salutes such a Brave Officer.

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