Top 6 Smartphone Apps For An Enjoyable Car Ride

Modern day life is busy, hectic and full of convenient amenities, such as smartphones. They let us listen to music, share pictures, connect with loved ones and do so much more. Why not let smartphones help us have an enjoyable car ride? has brought top 4 smartphone apps that are a must for a happy, smooth drive.

  1. Waze

A GPS-based navigation application, Waze is user driven (no pun intended) and provides route information and precise journey times. Guess what, this app does what Google Maps doesn’t? It lets you protect your car by providing construction notices and road related hazard detail. As its community-oriented, Waze lets users update key information.

  1. GasBuddy

GasBuddy will be your next best friend, as this app will assist you in locating the cheapest fuel station near you. Community-driven, this app will give you updates if fuel prices are expected to rise or drop. Yes, flying cars are a reality better conceptualized in 2015 by AeroMobil, but avoid long fuel queues as your car may not be able to hover just yet.

  1. Car Dashroid

Staying focused on the road should be our number one priority and Car Dashroid facilitates in that by letting you use all your favourite apps. With voice commands and big buttons, it is quite user friendly. The app comes with a main dashboard, 3 sliding panels, and lets you customise up to 40 key shortcuts.

  1. Honk

Having car trouble, use Honk to get help! Be it an empty fuel tank, a tow, a drained battery, a car accident or anything else, Honk will answer your call. It has access to over 20,000 tow trucks and around the clock support. You will be charged for this app, only when you utilise it.

  1. Beat the Traffic

No need to pay for this app! Beat the Traffic is designed to share the optimal route, information about possible car accidents and forecast travel time as well. Additionally, it will let you set alerts for real time traffic updates and any warnings.

  1. Dashcam

Taking a picturesque road trip and want to capture your journey? Dashcam will let you do just that by tapping into your smartphone camera. Just hoist up your phone on a stand and start recording!

Seeing bad drivers? Take a video of them as well.

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