Bong girl and Punjabi guy: Why they make the best combo ever?

It is an awesome example of that opposites attract concept. Yes, they are not 2 different but actually 2 opposite cultures. We Punjabis are basically the business class. We don’t have that kind of culture where we study and all but the focus is either on starting your own new venture of migrating to Canada. On the contrary, bongs prefer to study and desire for government jobs. So a detailed discussion follows:

men should be strong and dominating and women should be docile and mature

It follows the ethics of evolution:

The simple meaning is that men should be strong and dominating and women should be docile and mature. It is a well-known fact that Punjabi boys are rude, dominating and impulsive. These are those few perfect traits which girls can die for. On the other hand Bengali girls are the sweetest species in the world. Docile, innocent. But educated and mature. So this makes the best pair ever.

Would result in a decent family atmosphere:

In order to have a decent family atmosphere and have fewer husband-wife clashes, one of them needs to learn to remain quite when the other is heated up. Now what happens in case both the boy and girl are Punjabi is that both are hot headed creatures. They clash and clash bad. So that has a bad impact on children. In case the girl is bong, she remains shut in front of her husband so children learn the right ethics.

Father and son smiling

Right power play leads to tougher sons:

It’s a well-known fact that boys become stronger when they find their dad’s in a dominant position. In case both their parents are Punjabi, their mothers are no less strong. So this prominent mother element gives the son an impression that men have their own weakness and they limit themselves. In case the mother is dominated, the sons turn out to be real bad boys because they understand that being a man they are second to none.

Sweeter daughters in the family:

This is one particularly important fact. Girls are too hot headed these days and are losing their girly factor. This is because both their parents remain at equal power level. But in case their mother is a sweet bong and works towards integrating the family with their tough father protecting it, girls learn the importance to respect men. They acknowledge their superiority. This makes girlier sweeter daughters.

Thus, it has been well established that a Bong girl and Punjabi guy make the best couple ever.

Summary – The topic may seem funny but I am writing this out of sheer tested experience. I am an upper caste Punjabi Khatri and my ex-cum semi-girlfriend is a Bengali Brahman. Except for this I have seen many Punjabi-Bong couples in my friend circle.

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