Tips for dating a French guy

Here are a few interesting tips that will help you in dating any French man –

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  • Never be surprised  to hear that  French  men do not  usually   go on dates.  For them this word sounds too demeaning. They prefer to call it a rendezvous which literally means “meeting you”.
  • This is just the French  method  of dating. They  like to go  for dinner parties on  every weekend where single people as well as  people who are committed can  hang out together and indulge in some engaging cultural conversations while guzzling fresh wine.
  • If you  happen to meet a nice French man on any an dinner party  and you find him interesting and he too reciprocates the same feeling , then you would most likely think he will ask you for  a date, but you are mistaken here.  The French man is more likely  to invite you  to ask you to go for a walk with him.
  • Do not kiss any French man  if you do not intend to get  into  a relationship with him . A kiss on the lips definitely means that you want to have a relationship with this person  and as we know the French men are known to be very sensitive. So do not play with his emotions.So be careful not to send any  wrong signal.

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  • You  may feel  that French men  are keeping  their distance and  intentionally avoiding  verbal affection.  This is because  French men like to maintain  their independence. They are not the ones who will send you a bunch of sweet texts on your mobile. They are very practical.
  • You have to understand and respect the cultural differences. Whenever you feel that something is unclear or wrong then talk about this directly. This is your best chance of making it all work out fine. This will make dating a French guy easier.

A French man’s personal sense of  style is very boring , and he is expected  to have a closet filled with multiple  variations of the same outfit. They hate dressing casually and do not want their partners to dress casually . So go out there and make an effort to look dressy and this will surely please your French guy.

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