Feud with mother costs too much to Tori Spelling, gets 0.16% of father’s money

tori spelling3265TV mogul Aaron Spelling died lately, two months before his death he changed his will and from his $500 million estate, his daughter Tori is entitled to only $260,000 in cash and $788,000 in private investment funds. The amount is just nothing in comparison with $260m, which everybody thought she would be getting. Its actually just nuts for a female who left $25,000 for a personal manicurist and $50,000 for home decorator.

Tori’s mother, Candy Spelling is the executor of her husband’s estate and Tori is not on good terms with her. Tori married Dean McDermott against her parents wish, then Tori angered Candy again with the way she portrayed Candy in her book ‘So NoTorious’.

Tori reunited with her father just two weeks before his death, but she still she was not there with at the time Aaron’s soul departed his body.


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