First gay club to register officially in India

Gay culture in India is still in an embryonic phase. Men who have a feminine wrench in their gender identity and have an undivided inclination for the same sex are largely secretive and not out in the open. In Western terminology they would be referred to as closet-cases. In India till now the so-called homosexuals were not identifiable and were mostly blended into society.

By saying bye to the existing pigeonhole, gays in Chennai have taken a bold step in a society like ours where homosexuals are being shirked and where homosexuality has always been a criminal offence legally by forming the first gay-club which is to be officially registered.

Various men till now have been arrested of homosexuality and running gay club, part of an ongoing effort to enforce laws prohibiting homosexual activity. Homosexual activity is illegal in India and punishable by prison terms of up to 10 years. But Gay culture today is so rapidly increasing in India that after Mumbai, which once used to be the gay mecca of India, has been clearly sidelined as it’s Delhi which is the happening gay city now.

Today there are rise of certain professions where gays aren’t just accepted but sit at the very pinnacle of success even the gay revolution can be seen on web as well. Internet and email provide a perfect medium for gays to meet each other. Thanks to web. As for professions, many of India’s top designers are dearly and strongly gay. There is a small
army of male stylists and models, make-up men, photographers and hairdressers who date each other and work together in this 15 year-old industry. I think all this shows that there’s a paradigm shift from discretion to gay exhibitionism. And why not if there is nothing negative in it?

I think all these tantrums to avoid gay culture is a social taboo, it’s basically the concept of freedom of choice. Moreover growth of such clubs is reflecting global advancement. After all, a generation which was raised on Bhajan Kirtan can now cruise
the hottest sites on the global gay map! Its time we got real about different lifestyle choices as a society.

Oops! Seems this time gay’s in Chennai have given an open challenge to ambiguous Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that criminalizes homosexuality.

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