Lingerie for boys : Thanks to corrupts babus

This is for the for the first time in history that any boy allied organization has ordered lingerie for young boys. This news would raise the eyebrows of many.
To my surprise a New Delhi government-run centre for homeless boys made large purchases of women’s lingerie, that to superior quality brassieres, knickers and ladies vests but it is not a case of kid fashion show. It’s an open case of corruption.
Hindustan Times investigated and found documents itemizing orders by the Children’s Home for Boys-II of lingerie which is basically of no use for boys. Preposterous! There is no doubt from the facts that it’s a clear-cut case of corrupt officers making fake papers for a quick buck.
Corruption is so much in vogue in India that our officers have left no stone unturned; so much so it has started a new trend – boys using lingerie.

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