Liquid explosives, new weapon of terrorism

In the wake of alleged plan of another terrorist’s attack that was thwarted after major intelligence operation in the UK on Thursday, there is need for the new process of the detection and scanning technologies to detect the liquid explosives all around the globe. The liquid explosives may be hidden inside electronic equipment. Newscientisttech published the detail of the detection machines and its workings.

Nitroglycerine is an explosive ingredient uses in dynamite with ethylene glycol dinitrate High nitrogen content and oxygen atoms are used in it to oxidize the carbon and hydrogen atoms. All of it makes it as one of the most powerful explosives known. Its detonation generates gases of 1,200 times more than the original volume at room temperature.

Astrolite explosives are known as the world’s most powerful non-nuclear explosive. Ammonium nitrate mixes with anhydrous hydrazine makes this explosive. It produces a clear liquid explosive called Astrolite G. When aluminum powder is added to the Hydrazinium Nitrate slurry forms Astrolite A-1-5. Astrolite G is a clear liquid explosive that produces a very high detonation velocity that is almost twice as powerful as TNT.

There are several types of explosives are used in various applications in the field of explosives and explosives manufacturing. Some of them are used for mining, construction, demolition, law enforcement and military uses. You may find here the details of those explosives.


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