Plan on card to transform soldiers as terminators by 2020

soldiers as rerminators

The Indian army jawans will be transformed as terminators in coming days. The Indian Army has planned to transform its 3.5 lakh infantry soldiers into high-tech, self-contained assassination machines by 2020.

According to the report, The Army has been working on the futuristic modernization program for foot soldiers, the F-INSAS (Future Infantry Soldier As a System) for the past three years. Now the plans have been taken tangible shape now.

General J J Singh, the chairman of infantry commanders’ conference, said in detail about the F-INSAS project that is actually as the same kind to US Army’s land warrior and objective force warrior programs.

According to him, F-INSAS program is there to convert an infantryman into a fully networked all-terrain, all-weather, weapons platform with enhanced lethality, survivability, sustainability, mobility and situational awareness as well. He will be fully prepared for the digitized battlefield of the future.

The Army has also planned to go for systems development and integration by 2010 and it would approach the government to be firm on . The 10 infantry battalions (each with 800-1,000 soldiers) would be used for F-INSAS trials by 2010-2015. By the end of year 2020, the project will be available for all 359 battalions.

Earlier, Gen Singh has visited various countries such as US, Israel and France to cleect details about the programs.

The report said that Indian infantry would get advanced equipments such as light-weight integrated ballistic helmets equipped with heads-up display’ and miniaturized communication systems; portable visual, chemical and biological sensors; hand-held computer displays, GPS and video links; smart vests with sensors to monitor vital body signs. They would also get the lethal firepower with laser-guided modular weapon systems in the program.

The defence minister A K Antony has given full assurance to the Army that the government would extend full support for the 600 modernization schemes worth about Rs 70,000 crore in the 11th Plan.


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