Top Destinations We Would Love to Have Sex At

Sight-seeing, surfing, scuba-diving, skiing and sun-bathing- these are but just a part of the holiday you are planning. But what makes that vacation something to look forward to is the additional opportunity for sexual escapades that it would bring upon you. Whether it is a beach, a bustling city or a solitary destination in the lap of nature having sex in a new place and in a completely new ambience makes you go naughty solely by imagining the possible things that you may do together. So before you pack your bags with those kinky stuff, here are the top destinations across the world that you may contemplate on hitting for a real, knotty sex.



As much as their people are horny and keen to have sex, their lovemaking mantra being “gimme more”, the Swiss country can be just the place you would dream to have sex. Notwithstanding its lush natural beauty which attracts tourists to its lap, its white snow-covered alpine mountains and picturesque countryside enigma, there is something that triggers the kinky side in you in this nation. Plan to include Zurich in your itinerary and make a sojourn to the Ba Ba Lu or the Hive Bar and you will know where the real fun of sex lies when you witness their sprightly crowd.



Now, this country has been a coveted haunt of all those bachelors and men looking out for some days of unlimited, unrestricted debauchery and bacchanal pleasure. Ask you male friends about their top sex destination and the majority of them will give a thumbs up to this nation. With its legal prostitution laws and lively “ping-ping shows”, orgy clubs and subtle spa parlors behind the garbs of which you can witness real after-massage thrill Thailand is oozing sex from every sphere.



If you are in North America to feel her true essence of Mardi Grass faire in all its carnal carousals Louisiana will give you much more than that. Hit New Orleans and you will feel you have stepped into the land of big boobies, bewitching butts and buckets of beer. Porn shops and strip joints are lurking in every nook and corner of the country especially in New Orleans to give you ultimate opportunity to sin to your heart’s content. Even if you have come on a honeymoon trip the very kinky ambience of the country is enough to get you both high.



China has sexed up every corner of its soil or so it seems. The fact that Beijing has witnessed a whopping 5000 sex shops springing up here and there is enough to give evidence to the heightening sexual spirit of the country. Not to speak of the huge number of sex toys that are pumping up testosterones high across the world, 70 percent of which are manufactured in China alone. If you happen to be here at the time of the Chinese SEXPO you can accouter your sex bag with some naughty sexy things to spice up your bedroom back home too. Whether you are in Beijing or Shanghai you will not have any dearth of inspirations to get bawdy and bold with your partner while you hit the several nightclubs or raise the toast to some delectable cocktail at the illuminating bars.



True to Captain Cornelli’s Mandolin getting on the warm, shimmering Grecian soil completely nude has its own charm that cannot be compared with anything else. Also dubbed as the horniest country of the world Greece showers you with options galore to strip and get nude and cozy with your partner. Of course there are those dazzling bars like the Hoxton in Athens which will give you the real savor of the ancient Sapphic love. And there are some of the less-known spots like the Island of Kea where you can dare to unclothe yourself and rip off her clothes in the midst of the ancient ruins, the rugged terrains and the azure sea waters splashing along the shore. Can anything get hornier than savoring your Greek Goddess in the land of ancient love?

So if you are ready for some sinful, sensuous sex escapades, make a trip to any of the above countries and your definition of sex will surely get a new direction.

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