Unique Pet Ideas And What These Cuddly Sweeties Could Teach You?

Craving for a pet?? Is your spouse so allergic to them that you dare not take the topic up? Well, for all those pet lovers and haters, here is a list of pets that could change the way you live and offer you some vital lessons for life.


Mongoose- Aww, an awesome yet unique choice. The mongoose is a pet not many choose to keep. Yet the grey cuddly being can be your friend that stays in silence without bothering to mew or bark! And the mongoose has important lessons to offer on supporting your close ones. It is uninhibited, strong willed and teaches you to attack at the right time. Try and see a mongoose hunt its prey sometime!


Hedgehog- Ever wondered how unique your choice of pet could get with a hedgehog? The beauty lies in their softy feel that gets tough when angry. That reminds us of what it could teach you! Well, it teaches you to be tough on the inside and soft otherwise.

 Cockatoo (2)

Cockatoo- A bird not often kept as pet. However, this is one choice you will never regret; add to this, its talkative tendency to stick to its owner, a cockatoo is a brilliant buddy. What it can teach you?? Besides the gift of the gab, it also teaches you to be friendly chirpy and happy all the time. Is that not enough? Well it is also very disciplined and can substitute your alarm clock when it comes to waking you up in the morning!


Fish– This darling of a choice, a fish can be your forlorn friend even when there is no one around. Vent out your thoughts and feelings and see how the fish remains as calm as ice. What it can teach you? Umm, for starters, the value of patience and then on an advanced note, it teaches you to be happy no matter how you are if you notice the fish pet closely, then there is barely any special feature you could locate. Yet, they seem at peace and contended with themselves!


Squirrel- The winner of our lot, the squirrel is your best bet when it comes to choose a bubbly pet that moves around as much as you do. Yes, the squirrel teaches you to synergize your energy and focus on your goal. See how it bites a nut. The attention to detail and the focus it puts are the highlights.

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