Sexy Reasons to not have a Live in Relationship

Modernity has crept into all parts of the world. In some way or the other, people are continually influenced by modernism. In fact, in a lot of European countries, this is a norm.

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The Necessity of Living in

However, is it really necessary and does it do anything? For, when in a relationship i.e. a living in one, both parties are totally free to work out but marriage lays binding norms. Hence, while both parties are free to walk out while in a live in, this is not the case in a marriage. One has to go through a full-fledged legal procedure in order to walk out.

The Taken for Granted Feeling

Hence, while one may not take the other party for granted while in a live-in and be at the best behaviour, the same may not follow if there is a marriage. Now, both parties know that the other person will not be able to walk out very easily. Hence, there is a good chance they will mistreat each other and take each other for granted.

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It doesn’t serve the Purpose

Therefore, the live in relationship which is usually looked upon as a trial run for marriage comes off as totally pointless because it is just not enough to serve the purpose. In fact, it doesn’t serve the purpose at all.

Love is Marriage in some Countries

Moreover, if you are truly in love with each other and are in no mood to fight with the society, it is best that you just go ahead and tie the knot. Maybe, you will have to learn to accept each other’s behaviour as time goes by; married or live in! Maybe, when married you will give this a try and maybe, things will be easier and work themselves out. For, the effort is less in a live in because the pressure is less and there is always an option to walk out on the other person.

Thus, the only choice you have over here is that you learn to trust your partner and settle down in a live-in or go ahead with the binding norms of marriage.

Summary – There are more than enough reasons to not put your foot into a live in relationship and this article tells you why.

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