Worst date experience? Know how to destress

We all have unique dating stories, some are so horrible, that we can’t even share them with our best of friends. Whether it is from the girl’s side or the guy’s, a bad date can leave you very stressed out, and may end on a steep low on your confidence level. Sometimes the person you are dating is a mess, and sometimes you are, be it whoever’s fault, you need to get out of it as soon as you can.?????????????????????????????????

Here are some ways to destress after a bad date:

Analyze what went wrong

Sit somewhere which soothes you down, a typical place of yours perhaps. It can be the terrace of your home in the cool wind, or the park, or even in your cosy little room. In this, you will be able to be closer to yourself and can see through what went wrong. What did you say or do, that resulted in that bitter fight, or what did your partner do that angered you and you were not able to control yourself. Or where did you not pay attention to when the other was talking about a pet’s death. Or did you start some conversation very uncomfortable? Think if you had gone on something too much on the boring side? Just think and answer yourself.

Make sure you don’t repeat your past mistakes

After you have known what went wrong the previous time, just make sure you don’t do that again. Online dating is fine, unless you don’t end up sitting beside a man 30years older than you or someone who treats you badly. If on the previous date you had controversies over the bill at the restaurant, just know how the person might react at your decisions at such times. And if you are being treated badly, know the cause of it, and next time, just don’t let anyone point a finger at you for anything.

 Do not call or text your date unless it be necessary

Do not call or text your date unless it be necessary

You know it was your fault, and you know this too that the person is not the right one for you, so why bother? Just move on. Even if the other calls, make sure you talk formally but let know that you are not interested in going out anymore. Sometimes it’s only you who had the worst date, but the other is stupid enough not to notice that, and calls you the next morning. What do you do? You simply keep to yourself, but not being very rude.

Spend time with yourself

When you are low, and had the worst dating experience, instead of looking for the next date right away, or shutting yourself behind the doors, take yourself to a date. Go to a movie alone, and then eat at a fine restaurant. Feel free and confident about yourself. Go for a shopping spree with your friend or treat yourself at a luxurious spa. Relax, rejuvenate and reinvent yourself; you will feel alive.

If your “worst” date includes any types of sexual or verbal abuse, do not think it in anyways, but report to the cops right away. Do not sympathise in such situations where it is harming your person. If necessary file a charge and let that known to all your friends and family, and do not be afraid.

So, are you still wondering how to get over that horrible date you had last night? One bad date does not make you a bad or unattractive human being. You are still the wonderful person underneath that hung up face. Get up and go out in the fresh air, be cheerful and happy, the rest will come on naturally. And do not forget that you are a lovely person.

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