Super-souks for food around the globe

The lightning-fast lifestyle of people, especially those who are working, hardly give time to explore different markets for their day-to-day usage and requirements. Rushing off to a vegetable market and then reaching out to a grocery store in a flash and

7 cooking shows that make your mouth water- pun intended

Watching food shows on television makes you learn the hottest recipes from expert chefs across various cuisines of United States and other continents as well. So, if you wish to catch up fast with “what’s hot” in cooking, here are the 7 best food te

World’s most uncommon food items for a lingering taste

All human beings have the nature of greed, especially when it comes to rare items. One such item for which humans show greed is food items, particularly those which are delicious and rare. From pig’s snout to chicken feet, the list of strange stuff we c

Worst Train Accidents In India

With the development in railway sector, India has also faced many set falls. Major train accidents have led many hearts grief in pain. Most of the accidents have resulted in injuries or in worst cases kill several hundredths of people. Lack of security, r

2012: Year of Bollywood sequels

Releasing sequels to movies is the new trend in B’town. Sequels gain popularity among distributors and makers because it acts as a less risk zone, due to the known mass popularity rather than experimenting with new characters. 2012 will witness the maximu

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