LiLo faces jail term, likely to accept plea deal

Troubled Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan is not new to controversy and the Mean Girls star has already rubbed the law wrong way at a very young age. Lohan is currently in trouble for a necklace theft incident, in which she is the main accused. Though.

Lindsay Lohan

Cool Celeb of the Week: Larissa Riquelme

Who else but Larissa Riquelme?! This South American bombshell is all over the web world, and not without any valid reason. She’s got a body that speaks a new volume with each sexy movement. Exaggeration has never been one of my blogging tools but…

Kerry Washington is see-through sexy

I don’t know who this Kerry Washington chick is, but she has got what it takes to earn a surprise wildcard entry into my good books. The babe surely knows how to wear a sheer dress with perfection and honor the sanctity of a see-through top. Going by…

Saturday Siren – Theresa Correa

Nothing gets better – and bustier – than this! Bikini model Theresa Correa is the perfect epitome of the word “voluptuous” from every angle. The 26-year-old siren from Tampa, Florida has already established herself by appearing in tons of websites…

Death By Association

Politics, as defined by Wikipedia, is “the process by which groups of people make decisions. The term is generally applied to behaviour within civil governments, but politics has been observed in all human group interactions, including corporate,…

Death By Association

Gardening-a go green hobby

I started it as time pass ,but now it has became a great hobby.Yes I’m talking about gardening.

I considered it as a stress buster at first ,it really worked wonders .

I started with a very small garden .Now my home is covered with…


Oster 5838 Expressbake: The good & the bad

As the name suggests, the Oster 5838 ExpressBake bread maker is said to be able to home bake a loaf of bread in no time. The bread maker is slightly large though gently curved in the corners. Its sleek, oval shape design definitely makes it an…

13 Indian farmers in distress end lives

Indian farmers do not cease to commit suicides, as 13 more walk the line of their fallen and dead brethren.

Indian agriculture is a story of bloom and then a sudden fall, jerking the farmers so hard that life seems to be a burden to them. Not..

Indian farmers in distress end lives

Few tips to bear in mind while opting for an olive oil

Day in and day out on various cookery shows, we come across chefs pointing out the goodness of olive oil and the benefits of including olive oil in various cooking practices. Now, after seeing one such show you are inspired to pick up olive oil for…

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