Top facts about dating a CA

A large number of people want to get that much sought after CA degree. It isn’t easy but then if you want something you have got to strive for it. However, the fun part about this is that you can be dating a CA as well and you need to get it right with these people or you are going to be left in despair. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when dating a CA –

CAs are all about Calculation and Numbers

They’re all about Calculation and Numbers

Accounting is in their blood. They will calculate everything from the smallest fare to the biggest expenditure. They will calculate every hotel bill, rickshaw fare; trip expenses etc. well in advance and will start thinking of recovery ahead of time.

Your Accounts will always be up to Date and Done

All the time, your expenses, your taxes, your profits, your losses will remain up to date. It will save you the last minute hassle of sitting down with the books to calculate everything. All you need to do is go out there and pay your expenses.

You will be Debt Free

Since, your monetary expenses will always be calculated, there will hardly be any chance of the fact that you will come to the point of borrowing money. In fact, there are good chances that you will be lending money instead of borrowing it.


They’re Dead Busy

Apart from you, they calculate the numbers for the rest of the world as well. Don’t get creepy if they aren’t able to give you enough time. For, if you let them be, they will be able to spend real well on you as and when they get free. Adjust a little and you will see wonders.


No, they’ll not make a spectacle but there is a good chance that they’ll be wearing spectacles. There are hardly any CAs who do not wear specs. Well, some of them look geeky in the specs while some are able to pull it off with complete ease. Depending upon your date, you will have to put up with it.

They’ll Discuss Budgets and Economies

Chances are that they will discuss the budgets and economies of every restaurant you go to, every bank you pass by. Sometimes, they’ll talk about the economy of countries such as India, U.S.A, U.K. Other times, they’ll even be interested in the budget of the entire world. Put up with it!

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