Top games you never know existed

The world is full of strange things. The oldest excavated game on record is a fragmentary set from Ancient Sumeria which may be distantly related to the games found in Egyptian and Chinese tombs. Over the thousands of years that have followed, we have produced a wide variety of board games as a species, covering virtually every aspect of our experience, not to mention mythology, religion, art… They say that nothing is truly original, and that’sprobably true even of games.

There are so many strange games in this world about which we have no idea. Here is brief description about such games-


1 . chess boxing

This is an amazing games which requires a perfect combination of brain along with brawn . This games is extremely popular in Germany and US. The competitors who are participating can win by defeating the opponent in the chess but the decision of the judges is the final one.

15th Asian Games Doha 2006 - Sepaktakraw: Vietnam v Myanmar

2. Seepak Takraw

This is yet another unusual game. This is a combination of karate and volleyball. This game is played by using a ball which is made up of dried leaves. Though it started in North America today it is quite popular in many parts of Asia. There are two comprising of three members each who try to keep the ball in the court.


3.underwater hockey

This too is a game which is rapidly gaining popularity. Players use wooden sticks or plastic sticks which is the size of a banana to hit the ball . But since it is played under water it becomes extremely difficult to find the ball.


4.Dog Dancing

This is yet another unique game which is one of its kind. It is played United States , United Kingdom and Japan. The canines are trained efficiently to dance . Thus giving a very tough competition to each other.



This sport combines magic with athletic abilities.

The above are the games which are totally incredible in nature. But people love to play these kind of games as these not only provide them amusement and relaxation but also challenges their mental abilities. These games are the best way to bring out the best from the players who are playing these games. Children as well as adults seems to enjoy these games because they are suitable for almost all age groups. These games are truly amazing.

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