Urban cities to feed 200 million poor by 2020, 30% of urban population is poor now

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Overpopulation, under-utilization of resources, lack of proper implementation of proposed economic development plans are some ground realities in India since long. India has a long history of prosperity as well as poverty at similar times. The story is being repeated again and again.

The number of billionaires is being increased and at the same time, the slum population in metro cities is also being increased with rapid growth. The Times of India has reported that at this rate almost one-third of the urban population can be counted as poor.

An NGO Urban Health Resource Centre (UHRC) has conducted a study on the population of poor people who live in metro cities. According to the study report, almost 30% or 90 million people living in urban cities are poor.

According to UNHABITAT report, the number of poor people living in urban areas would probably touch the 200 million mark till the year 2020. The analysts say that fastest growing process of urbanization is the major cause behind the growing population of poor in urban cities.

The people living in slum areas in big cities generally face basic problems of living. The survey says further that many development indexes such as infant mortality, healthcare, proper sanitation, primary education, and maternal health are also not showed up to the mark in urban areas.

The non-permanent nature of settlement for the workers who live near construction sites where they work is the biggest cause behind the problem such as lack of health, sanitation and awareness.


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