What happens to your Facebook page when you die?

Face book has become something that has all come to know and love and we are always using this platform to connect with some one to say something. So whether it is a status, or a picture, or am embarrassing profile picture, you will probably be at peace to know that the poorly thought out pieces of your self expression will be there long after you die.



Face book has taken pride in the fact that they have become the default photo album, phone book, and communication medium for billion of people around the world; they can now proudly add on e more things to their list- it has finally figured out what to do when handling people profiles post death.

They plan to memorials these pages by making it accessible to friends and family only. Facebook has also given family the option of having their loved ones pages memorialized but once the privacy settings are chosen, they will stay that way.

Initially the visibility of the deceased persons account was limited to friends only and only they could access the account and view the content on it. These changes were prompted by the introduction of the Look Back function, where one can se the videos of the deceased, this makes it easier for those who may not have friended the deceased person but still want to grieve or them.


In fact, in order to make it easy for the family of the deceased person to choose the right option, Facebook has added an FAQ section that is dedicated to this. It contains three options that people, can choose when memorializing an account, they either memorialize the account in accordance with the Facebook stipulations and still have people commenting on it, give a request to have the account deleted or downloaded personal contents like photos and videos and then have the account deleted.  In the third option you need to send in a formal request that verifies who you are before you actually down load the content.

Facebook has also come out with an app called “If I die”, that will help you to set up your option to settle all social accounts and send across a last message. Here you can record a message, photo or video that will be scheduled to play after your death and the same request can also be added to your Facebook account.

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