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Kate Moss Moves on with a New Guy

Just few weeks after dumping her ex boyfriend Pete Doherty, Kate Moss is dating somebody else. Her new boyfriend Jaime, is a twenty year old funky looking guy. Recently Kate and Jaime were seen, engrossed into some naughty stuff, after skiing…

Lindsay Lohan is Pregnant, buddy!!

Little Lindsay Lohan is very much in headlines these days because of an asthma attack and her link up with the Oscar contender Pheonix. But this weird, foolish rumor of Lindsay being Pregnant might have taken your breath away.

According to the Best…

Play it cool, Danny! Sex & Horse make top Google keywords

Well, that’s yet another reiteration of the truth ensconced in a rather contemptuous remark, “Ignorance is bliss!” Or else, why would have Danny Westneat of The Seattle Times gone gaga over a success that never came to him?

All this started with…

Ryan Seacrest finalized $21 million Deal with E!

Though all of us are over with our new year’s parties, Celebration are still on for the American Idol host Ryan Seacrest. Recently he finalized his $21 million contract with E!cable to host as well as produce an array of shows.

Seacrest’s contract with..

Paris Hilton topped ‘Worst Dressed List’ 2005

PETA’s Annual ‘Worst-Dressed’ List for the year 2005 has been announced and many renowned celebrities have landed up into the list because of their obsession for fur. Paris Hilton and Kimberly Stewart topped the chart, followed by Lisa Gastineau,…

Wedding Bells for Eminem and Kim again

Its great to know that 33 year old rapper Eminem and his ex-wife Kim have decided to get married again. Its surely not a gossip as invites for the wedding are already on their way. The duo has planned their wedding in Michigan on January 14.

Both of…

Gwyneth to Deliver her baby Underwater!

Finally she will do it! Oscar winning Actress Gwyneth Paltrow , decided to deliver her first baby underwater but as she didn’t feel confident enough, she changed her mind at the last moment.

She is expected to deliver another baby in May and this time…

Lindsay and Joaquin spending Steamy night’s Together

According to Star, Lindsay Lohan is romantically linked with Joaquin Pheonix. Both of them rented bungalows, at L.A.’s luxe Chateau Marmont and as people say hot scenes were going on, behind those windows with curtains on.

As stated by one of…

Nicole Kidman Tying a Knot?

This one is really cool. Another rumour about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban getting married.

According to Life and Style Weekly, Kidman will tie a knot with her Music star Boyfriend Keith this weekend. It also claims that they have already sent out…

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