Beyonce’s ‘B’Day’ blast

Beyonce Knowles has very special plans for her 25th birthday. Her birthday is on September 4, and she is planning to launch her next solo album ‘B’Day’ the same day. The first single from the CD, ‘Deja Vu’, also features a guest appearance by…

Coke’s new beverages to substitute wine in food-wine pairings

Coke had its share of raving reviews about Blak, but what we find from available resources dismisses them all. What reports say is a transformed product portfolio of Coke, which includes specialty beverages to go with gourmet foods. Coke has joined hands.

Dazzling beauties at Cannes

Just as I expected, Beyonce Knowles became the centre of attraction as she walked the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival draped in a sexy blue dress with gold trim with co-star Jamie Foxx.

A twenty-minute preview of her movie Dreamgirls was shown at…

Jennifer Aniston: Celebdom minus the tantrums

Jennifer tells Hotdog magazine that despite having a housekeeper, she cleans her own kitchen and makes her bed. She even lends a helping hand to her housekeeper sometimes. That’s great apart from a good actress, she is humble too. Tales about people..

‘Stomach-friendly’ Coffee, anyone?

A recent development in the most popular American beverage coffee is a stomach soother, which claims to be low in acidic content. This coffee known as Folgers Simply Smooth, is manufactured by Procter and Gamble, which is trying to address the reported…

Sam Pitroda: Review quota policy

Quota reservation issue has become more of a reputation mark for minsters; situation is such that even National Knowledge Commission chairperson Sam Pitroda was not even consulted for such this key issue.

He has expressed his displeasure over not being..

New Splenda-sweetened drinks follows functional-food trend

A new range of Splenda-sweetened dilutable fruit beverages by the Norwegian soft drinks manufacturer Lerum claims to give the consumers only 12 kcal per 100cl and 97% fruit juice. The fruit juices will be available in mixed fruit, raspberry, grapes, and..

Amber Cafe, quick to serve but dull with Indian flavors

A recent review of The Amber Cafe, run by Vijay Bist, in 600 W. El Camino Real Mountain View, CA speaks about the quick service, ambience and the kind of food served in the cafe. If you want to know what impression one can get out of the review, then…

Pepsi Co.’s low-fat milk targets teen-health

As reported earlier that Pepsi Co. will be making a projection into dairy beverages, it is launching low-calorie chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavored milk products. The beverages are called as Quaker Milk Chillers as the beverages literally quake…

Britney to hit small screen soon

After being praised for her special appearance on Will and Grace; Britney Spears is considering kicking off a full time television career now. If sources are to be believed, Max Mutchnick, co-creator of W&G is so impressed with her acting skills that…

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